Santos-Gonzalez J.C.; Nallanchakravarthula S.; Alstrom S.; Finlay R.D. 2011
Soil, but not cultivar, shapes the structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal assemblages associated with strawberry Microbial Ecology Vol 62 No 25-35 pp
[+] MOA00391 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acaulospora1 VTX00030 [HQ657090]
[+] MOA00392 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Diversispora1 VTX00062 [HQ657105]
[+] MOA00393 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus1 VTX00113 [HQ657029]
[+] MOA00394 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus2 VTX00067 [HQ656901]
[+] MOA00395 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus3 VTX00143 [HQ656913]
[+] MOA00396 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus Glomus4 VTX00193 [HQ656880]
[+] MOA00397 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Paraglomus1 VTX00281 [HQ657116]
[+] MOA00398 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Diversispora1 VTX00062 [HQ657099]
[+] MOA00399 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus1 VTX00113 [HQ657009]
[+] MOA00400 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus2 VTX00065 [HQ656896]
[+] MOA00401 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus3 VTX00143 [HQ656918]
[+] MOA00402 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus Glomus4 VTX00193 [HQ656893]
[+] MOA00403 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus Glomus5 VTX00056 [HQ657032]
[+] MOA00404 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Paraglomus1 VTX00281 [HQ657114]
[+] MOA00405 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora Scutellospora1 VTX00052 [HQ657098]
[+] MOA00406 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus Glomus5 VTX00056 [HQ657031]
[+] MOA00407 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acaulospora1 VTX00030 [HQ657094]
[+] MOA00408 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus3 VTX00143 [HQ656926]
[+] MOA00409 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus3 VTX00143 [HQ656911]
[+] MOA00410 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus1 VTX00114 [HQ656936]
[+] MOA00411 Glomeraceae Glomus Glomus1 VTX00114 [HQ656972]