Kruger M.; Kruger C.; Walker C.; Stockinger H.; Schussler A. 2012
Phylogenetic reference data for systematics and phylotaxonomy of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from phylum to species level New Phytologist Vol 193 No 970-984 pp
[+] MOA02693 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora lacunosa VTX00024 [FR719957]
[+] MOA02694 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora lacunosa VTX00024 [HE610426]
[+] MOA02695 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora lacunosa VTX00024 [HE610427]
[+] MOA02696 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora laevis VTX00023 [FR750214]
[+] MOA02697 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa VTX00026 [FR750204]
[+] MOA02698 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora schenckii VTX00245 [FR773150]
[+] MOA02699 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei VTX00245 [AM114274]
[+] MOA02700 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus lamellosum VTX00193 [FR750220]
[+] MOA02701 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus lamellosum VTX00193 [FR773152]
[+] MOA02702 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus lamellosum VTX00193 [FR750221]
[+] MOA02703 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus sp. Att367-3 VTX00193 [FR750216]
[+] MOA02704 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus sp. Att843-1 VTX00193 [FR750217]
[+] MOA02705 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare VTX00114 [FR750223]
[+] MOA02706 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare VTX00114 [FR750222]
[+] MOA02707 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare VTX00114 [FR750228]
[+] MOA02708 Glomeraceae Glomus clarum VTX00090 [FR773148]
[+] MOA02709 Glomeraceae Glomus clarum VTX00090 [FR773149]
[+] MOA02710 Glomeraceae Glomus constrictum VTX00064 [FR750212]
[+] MOA02711 Glomeraceae Glomus coronatum VTX00265 [FR773144]
[+] MOA02712 Glomeraceae Glomus coronatum VTX00265 [FR773145]
[+] MOA02713 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices VTX00100 [FR750205]
[+] MOA02714 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices VTX00100 [FR750206]
[+] MOA02715 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices VTX00100 [FR750209]
[+] MOA02716 Glomeraceae Glomus macrocarpum VTX00199 [FR750376]
[+] MOA02717 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. Att109-25 VTX00067 [FR750227]
[+] MOA02718 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. W3563 VTX00114 [FR750373]
[+] MOA02719 Glomeraceae Glomus vesiculiferum VTX00115 [FR750374]
[+] MOA02720 Pacisporaceae Pacispora franciscana VTX00284 [FR750375]
[+] MOA02721 Pacisporaceae Pacispora scintillans VTX00284 [FR750225]
[+] MOA02722 Pacisporaceae Pacispora scintillans VTX00284 [FR750226]
[+] MOA02723 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora gilmorei VTX00041 [FR773142]
[+] MOA02724 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama VTX00255 [FR774917]
[+] MOA02725 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora pellucida [FR750215]
[+] MOA03613 Geosiphonaceae Geosiphon pyriformis [FM876840]
[+] MOA03614 Geosiphonaceae Geosiphon pyriformis [FM876841]
[+] MOA03615 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750012]
[+] MOA03616 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750015]
[+] MOA03617 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750016]
[+] MOA03618 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750017]
[+] MOA03619 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750018]
[+] MOA03620 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750019]
[+] MOA03621 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora schenckii [FR750020]
[+] MOA03622 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora schenckii [FR750021]
[+] MOA03623 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora schenckii [FR750022]
[+] MOA03624 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750024]
[+] MOA03625 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750025]
[+] MOA03626 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750027]
[+] MOA03627 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750028]
[+] MOA03628 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750030]
[+] MOA03629 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae [FR750032]
[+] MOA03630 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei [FR750034]
[+] MOA03631 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei [FR750035]
[+] MOA03632 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei [FR750036]
[+] MOA03633 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei [FR750037]
[+] MOA03634 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora trappei [FR750038]
[+] MOA03635 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750039]
[+] MOA03636 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750040]
[+] MOA03637 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750041]
[+] MOA03638 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750042]
[+] MOA03639 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750043]
[+] MOA03640 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750044]
[+] MOA03641 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [FR750045]
[+] MOA03642 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus brasilianum [FR750048]
[+] MOA03643 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus brasilianum [FR750050]
[+] MOA03644 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus brasilianum [FR750051]
[+] MOA03645 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus brasilianum [FR750054]
[+] MOA03646 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750057]
[+] MOA03647 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750058]
[+] MOA03648 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750060]
[+] MOA03649 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750062]
[+] MOA03650 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora colombiana [FR750063]
[+] MOA03651 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750064]
[+] MOA03652 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750065]
[+] MOA03653 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750067]
[+] MOA03654 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750068]
[+] MOA03655 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750069]
[+] MOA03656 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750070]
[+] MOA03657 Glomeraceae Glomus fasciculatum [FR750072]
[+] MOA03658 Glomeraceae Glomus fasciculatum [FR750073]
[+] MOA03659 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750075]
[+] MOA03660 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus claroideum [FR750077]
[+] MOA03661 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750078]
[+] MOA03662 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750079]
[+] MOA03663 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750080]
[+] MOA03664 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750081]
[+] MOA03665 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750082]
[+] MOA03666 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus laccatum [FR750083]
[+] MOA03667 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750084]
[+] MOA03668 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750085]
[+] MOA03669 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750086]
[+] MOA03670 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750087]
[+] MOA03671 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750088]
[+] MOA03672 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750089]
[+] MOA03673 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750091]
[+] MOA03674 Glomeraceae Glomus cerebriforme [FR750092]
[+] MOA03675 Glomeraceae Glomus cerebriforme [FR750095]
[+] MOA03676 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750102]
[+] MOA03677 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750103]
[+] MOA03678 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750104]
[+] MOA03679 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750113]
[+] MOA03680 Glomeraceae Glomus cf. irregulare [FR750117]
[+] MOA03681 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices [FR750126]
[+] MOA03682 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices [FR750127]
[+] MOA03683 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora weresubiae [FR750134]
[+] MOA03684 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora weresubiae [FR750135]
[+] MOA03685 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750136]
[+] MOA03686 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750137]
[+] MOA03687 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750138]
[+] MOA03688 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750139]
[+] MOA03689 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750140]
[+] MOA03690 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750141]
[+] MOA03691 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750142]
[+] MOA03692 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750143]
[+] MOA03693 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750144]
[+] MOA03694 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750145]
[+] MOA03695 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750146]
[+] MOA03696 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750147]
[+] MOA03697 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [FR750148]
[+] MOA03698 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora sp. Att209-44 [FR750149]
[+] MOA03699 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora sp. Att209-44 [FR750150]
[+] MOA03700 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750151]
[+] MOA03701 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750152]
[+] MOA03702 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750153]
[+] MOA03703 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750154]
[+] MOA03704 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750155]
[+] MOA03705 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora spinosa [FR750156]
[+] MOA03706 Ambisporaceae Ambispora fennica [FR750157]
[+] MOA03707 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750158]
[+] MOA03708 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750159]
[+] MOA03709 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750162]
[+] MOA03710 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750163]
[+] MOA03711 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750164]
[+] MOA03712 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750165]
[+] MOA03713 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750166]
[+] MOA03714 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora heterogama [FR750167]
[+] MOA03715 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora entreriana [FR750168]
[+] MOA03716 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora entreriana [FR750169]
[+] MOA03717 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora entreriana [FR750170]
[+] MOA03718 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora entreriana [FR750173]
[+] MOA03719 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750174]
[+] MOA03720 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750175]
[+] MOA03721 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750176]
[+] MOA03722 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750177]
[+] MOA03723 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750180]
[+] MOA03724 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750181]
[+] MOA03725 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750182]
[+] MOA03726 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750184]
[+] MOA03727 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [FR750185]
[+] MOA03728 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750186]
[+] MOA03729 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750187]
[+] MOA03730 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750188]
[+] MOA03731 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750189]
[+] MOA03732 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750190]
[+] MOA03733 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750193]
[+] MOA03734 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750195]
[+] MOA03735 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750196]
[+] MOA03736 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750198]
[+] MOA03737 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750199]
[+] MOA03738 Glomeraceae Glomus irregulare [FR750200]
[+] MOA03739 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. Att565-7 [FR750201]
[+] MOA03740 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. Att565-7 [FR750202]
[+] MOA03741 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. Att565-7 [FR750203]
[+] MOA03742 Glomeraceae Glomus macrocarpum [FR750363]
[+] MOA03743 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices [FR750372]
[+] MOA03744 Glomeraceae Glomus macrocarpum [FR750526]
[+] MOA03745 Glomeraceae Glomus macrocarpum [FR750544]