Helgason T.; Merryweather J.W.; Young J.P.W.; Fitter A.H. 2007
Specificity and resilience in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of a natural woodland community Journal of Ecology Vol 95 No 623-630 pp
[+] ESA00895 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo54 VTX00216 [AJ854081][TYPE]
[+] ESA00896 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. VTX00115 [AJ854082]
[+] ESA00897 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo3 VTX00074 [AJ854083]
[+] ESA00898 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo2 VTX00219 [AJ854084]
[+] ESA00899 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo55 VTX00209 [AJ854085]
[+] ESA00900 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. VTX00067 [AJ854086]
[+] ESA00901 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. VTX00199 [AJ854087]
[+] ESA00902 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo4 VTX00143 [AJ854088]
[+] ESA00903 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo18 VTX00342 [AJ854089]
[+] ESA00904 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo56 VTX00120 [AJ854090]
[+] ESA00905 Glomeraceae Glomus Glo14 VTX00121 [AJ854091]
[+] ESA00906 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. VTX00060 [AJ854092]
[+] ESA00907 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. VTX00062 [AJ854093]
[+] ESA00908 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acau2 VTX00030 [AJ854094]
[+] ESA00909 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acau11 VTX00030 [AJ854095]
[+] ESA00910 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acau7 VTX00030 [AJ854096]
[+] ESA00911 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00006 [AJ854097][TYPE]
[+] ESA00912 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00009 [AJ854098][TYPE]
[+] ESA00913 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00004 [AJ854099]
[+] ESA00914 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus sp. VTX00001 [AJ854100][TYPE]
[+] ESA00915 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00005 [AJ854102]
[+] ESA00916 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00009 [AJ854103]
[+] ESA00917 Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora sp. VTX00009 [AJ854104]
[+] ESA00918 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Acau17 VTX00030 [AJ854105]