Borriello R.; Bianciotto V.; Orgiazzi A.; Lumini E.; Bergero R. 2014
Sequencing and comparison of the mitochondrial COI gene from isolates of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi belonging to Gigasporaceae and Glomeraceae families Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Vol 75 No 1-10 pp
[+] MOA23596 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora albida [KF848171]
[+] MOA23597 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora albida [KF848172]
[+] MOA23598 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora candida [KF848173]
[+] MOA23599 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora decipiens [KF848174]
[+] MOA23600 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora gigantea [KF848175]
[+] MOA23601 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora gigantea [KF848176]
[+] MOA23602 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [KF848177]
[+] MOA23603 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [KF848178]
[+] MOA23604 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [KF848179]
[+] MOA23605 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [KF848180]
[+] MOA23606 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora margarita [KF848181]
[+] MOA23607 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [KF848182]
[+] MOA23608 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [KF848183]
[+] MOA23609 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [KF848184]
[+] MOA23610 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora rosea [KF848185]
[+] MOA23611 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora sp. [KF848186]
[+] MOA23612 Gigasporaceae Gigaspora sp. [KF848187]
[+] MOA23613 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora cerradensis [KF848188]
[+] MOA23614 Gigasporaceae Dentiscutata erythropus [KF848189]
[+] MOA23615 Gigasporaceae Dentiscutata erythropus [KF848190]
[+] MOA23616 Gigasporaceae Dentiscutata heterogama [KF848191]
[+] MOA23617 Gigasporaceae Dentiscutata heterogama [KF848192]
[+] MOA23618 Gigasporaceae Racocetra castanea [KF848193]
[+] MOA23619 Gigasporaceae Racocetra gregaria [KF848194]
[+] MOA23620 Gigasporaceae Racocetra persica [KF848195]
[+] MOA23621 Gigasporaceae Racocetra persica [KF848196]
[+] MOA23622 Gigasporaceae Racocetra verrucosa [KF848197]
[+] MOA23623 Gigasporaceae Racocetra verrucosa [KF848198]
[+] MOA23624 Gigasporaceae Racocetra coralloidea [KF848199]
[+] MOA23625 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [KF848200]
[+] MOA23626 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [KF848201]
[+] MOA23627 Gigasporaceae Racocetra fulgida [KF848202]
[+] MOA23628 Gigasporaceae Cetraspora pellucida [KF848203]
[+] MOA23629 Gigasporaceae Cetraspora pellucida [KF848204]
[+] MOA23630 Gigasporaceae Cetraspora pellucida [KF848205]
[+] MOA23631 Gigasporaceae Cetraspora pellucida [KF848206]
[+] MOA23632 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora calospora [KF848207]
[+] MOA23633 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora calospora [KF848208]
[+] MOA23634 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora dipurpurescens [KF848209]
[+] MOA23635 Gigasporaceae Scutellospora dipurpurescens [KF848210]
[+] MOA23636 Glomeraceae Rhizophagus intraradices [KF848211]
[+] MOA23637 Glomeraceae Rhizophagus irregularis [KF848212]
[+] MOA23638 Glomeraceae Rhizophagus clarus [KF848213]
[+] MOA23639 Glomeraceae Rhizophagus clarus [KF848214]
[+] MOA23640 Glomeraceae Rhizophagus clarus [KF848215]
[+] MOA23641 Glomeraceae Sclerocystis sinuosa [KF848216]