Lopez-Garcia A.; Hempel S.; Miranda J. D.; Rillig M.; Barea J. M.; Azcon-Aguilar C. 2013
The influence of environmental degradation processes on the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community associated with yew (Taxus baccata L.), an endangered tree species from Mediterranean ecosystems of Southeast Spain Plant and Soil Vol 370 No 355-366 pp
[+] MOA25825 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus sp. [JX025570]
[+] MOA25826 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Lopez-Garcia13 Par281 [JX025572]
[+] MOA25827 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Lopez-Garcia13 Par281 [JX025573]
[+] MOA25828 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus sp. [JX025575]
[+] MOA25829 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus sp. [JX025576]
[+] MOA25830 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus sp. [JX025577]
[+] MOA25831 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Lopez-Garcia13 Par336 [JX025578]
[+] MOA25832 Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus Lopez-Garcia13 Par336 [JX025579]
[+] MOA25833 Glomeraceae Glomus Lopez-Garcia13 Glo177 [JX025581]
[+] MOA25834 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. [JX025582]
[+] MOA25835 Glomeraceae Glomus Lopez-Garcia13 Glo143 [JX025583]
[+] MOA25836 Glomeraceae Glomus sp. [JX025584]
[+] MOA25837 Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus Lopez-Garcia13 Cla193 [JX025585]
[+] MOA25838 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. [JX025586]
[+] MOA25839 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Lopez-Garcia13 Div060 [JX025588]
[+] MOA25840 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Lopez-Garcia13 Div060 [JX025598]
[+] MOA25841 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Lopez-Garcia13 Div060 [JX025603]
[+] MOA25842 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Lopez-Garcia13 Div060 [JX025604]
[+] MOA25843 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. [JX025606]
[+] MOA25844 Diversisporaceae Diversispora Lopez-Garcia13 Div060 [JX025609]
[+] MOA25845 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. [JX025623]
[+] MOA25846 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. [JX025624]
[+] MOA25847 Diversisporaceae Diversispora sp. [JX025625]
[+] MOA25848 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Lopez-Garcia13 Aca029 [JX025631]
[+] MOA25849 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Lopez-Garcia13 Aca029 [JX025632]
[+] MOA25850 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora sp. [JX025633]
[+] MOA25851 Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora Lopez-Garcia13 Aca285 [JX025634]