Calvente R.; Cano C.; Ferrol N.; Azcon-Aguilar C.; Barea J.M. 2004
Analysing natural diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in olive tree (Olea europaea L.) plantations and assessment of the effectiveness of native fungal isolates as inoculants for commercial cultivars of olive plantlets Applied Soil Ecology Vol 26 No 11-19 pp
[+] ESA02306 Glomeraceae Glomus viscosum VTX00063 [AJ505620]
[+] ESA02307 Glomeraceae Glomus clarum VTX00065 [AJ505619]
[+] ESA02308 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae VTX00067 [AJ505618]
[+] ESA02309 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices VTX00105 [AJ505617][TYPE]
[+] ESA02310 Glomeraceae Glomus intraradices VTX00114 [AJ505615]
[+] ESA02311 Glomeraceae Glomus mosseae VTX00067 [AJ505614]